New apps and revenue opportunities for TV Operators

ACCESS Twine4TV Operators provides the industry’s simplest route to surface new enhanced OTT TV Services and protect Set-Top Box investments.

It enables TV Operators and Telcos to expand their content portfolio with new Apps and Services, including AVOD and FAST.

New apps and revenue opportunities for TV Operators with ACCESS Twine4TVO


Delivering services for new and old STBs

ACCESS Twine4TV Operators (T4TO) enables providers to continually update their customer offering and realise new revenue streams and increase ARPU by quickly expanding their portfolio of services. The T4TO cloud CMS enables operators to manage, package and aggregate metadata, with provision of apps and services through a unified API. The Twine standard client (TSC) enables service providers to quickly realise their own UI/UX to access the integrated services, as well as expand to operator or region specific content and applications.

Legacy Device Refresh for TV Operator Set-Top Boxes

Legacy Device Refresh

Why update your existing set-top boxes? Reduce CAPEX in these challenging times by breathing new life into existing connected STBs via Twine Micro Client (TMC) and our innovative cloud architecture.

Our unique technology allows connected apps to be executed with much less device resources than traditional solutions. TMC is a small add-on module that can be integrated with existing connected STB middleware to provide access to online services that were previously out of reach. With minimal memory usage and the ability to utilise the pre-existing platform media player, TMC is compatible with almost any deployed STB!

Any OS

Both Twine for TV Operators clients are compatible with all major STB operating systems. You can deploy both TMS and TMC to platforms running on Linux, RDK, Android AOSP, Android TV and RTOS.

Once a Twine client is available in your STB, adding services powered by T4TO only requires configuration in the cloud CMS, and apps do not need to be downloaded into the STB and take up precious memory when they are not being used.

Twine for TV Operators clients are compatible with all major STB operating systems.
OIB - Open Internet Browsing on Set-Top Box

OIB - Open Internet Browser

Delight your customers by allowing them to access the Internet without leaving your service. OIB can operate as a fully open browser or via an operator's curated selection of websites in a walled garden.

New apps and revenue opportunities for TV Operators with ACCESS Twine4TVO


Enabling apps and services

ACCESS T4TO is designed to help operators increase ARPU by enabling new revenue streams, both subscription and advertising supported services, such as Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels and Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD). T4TO allows operators to surface content within the configurable UI/UX to ensure they are reaching their customers with the latest content and services available.

AAA Gaming on TV Operator Set-Top Boxes

AAA Gaming

Our gaming portfolio enables your customers to access games, from AAA cloud hosted blockbusters to casual fun games for all the family. We can even allow customers to bring your own credentials for games you already own or subscribe to. With capable STBs, customers can use Bluetooth connected controllers, and for others the TV remote control or smartphone control is available.

Music & Karaoke

From streaming radio & podcasts to singing along with your favourite tunes, T4TO has you covered. Over 200,000 radio stations accessible directly from the STB and thousands of Karaoke songs to enjoy on your own or with friends.

Music and Karaoke on TV Operator Set-Top Boxes
VOD Video Services on TV Operator Set-Top Box

Video Services

Our partnerships allow your customers to enjoy your favourite TV shows or a night at the movies through apps or metadata integrated directly into your user experience. We also work with our operator partners to bring in the local content that their subscribers expect, wherever possible enabling them to find all the content they want through the single operator platform rather than jumping between alternate apps and services on the platform.

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